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TAFS is proud to add A Level to our system of studies. In 1996, TAFS was established with an ultimate objective of introducing A Level. The year 2016 marks the beginning of our Advanced Level Programme.



What are you waiting for?

TAFSAL aims to prepare our students for the top universities by providing them the best teachers which are well-versed and highly experienced in their subjects.



We pride ourselves in a progressive approach to international education. Following the philosophy of the Cambridge International program in primary school as well in the final years of the school we embrace international mindedness and believe that quality education neither begins nor ends in the classroom alone. Our balanced program, which provides for strong academics combined with arts and co-curricular activities, is aimed at educating the whole child. We see education as a process that is student-centred as well as student-led. At TAFSAL, education is viewed as an on-going partnership between students, teachers and parents. Keeping in mind our 20 years of exceptional O level results, we decided to take a step further and launch our A Level programme which was our ultimate objective since our establishment in 1996. The year 2016 marks the beginning of our Advanced Level Programme. A Level is a doorstep from the O Level to the colleges and universities across the globe. Because we settle for nothing less than the best, we have designed an exclusive curriculum which will be taught by the top-notch faculty of the town. Also, our custom-built campus is equipped with modern classrooms, high-tech laboratories, luxurious cafeteria, well-furnished gymnasium, separate common rooms, and offers a variety of indoor and outdoor games. Here at TAFSAL we are committed to the best. Our enthusiasm and ambition is unsurpassed. The level of energy of our teachers and staff is well matched by the vibrancy of our student body and community at large. We are a school that is reaching for the stars -- come and join us in our quest to become one of the premier international educational institutions in the region.

service 1 Mission and Vision

TAFS envisions its students to become respectful, responsible and independent citizens to reach the epitome and satiate with knowledge to eliven the broader spectrum of this diversified and ever changing world.TAFS in collaboration with the parents, students and community strives fundamentally and systematically to administer substantial academic programme.Its aim is to challenge and reward both students and staff and to facilitate the transformation of individual efforts and enthusiasm into knwledge and skills necessary to become competitive and contributive to society.

service 2About Us

TAFS has always believed in imparting exceptional education along with the right balance of extra-curricular activities to further hone our student qualities. We aim to prepare our students for the top universities by providing them the best teachers which are well-versed and highly experienced in their subjects. We deliver the right kind of competitive environment to our students to train them to be a better part of society by grooming them and polishing their talents and skills and allowing them to think critically to survive in the practical world. We are offering highly equipped smart classrooms, gym facilities, indoor and outdoor sports. Also, in class training is aided by co-curricular activities along with seminars on relevant topics.

Message from Academic Directress

Assalam o Alaikum,
We set out on an exhilarating journey in the year 1996, with new directions, new aspirations and new dreams, to make a difference to the lives of our students. Our overarching objective has been to enable students discover the world in enjoyable ways, while imparting values and attributes that would stand them in good stead and help lead productive and fulfilling lives. We believe that students should be encouraged to aim high and guided to do their best in everything with full potential. Students blossom when they are encouraged and challenged to think critically and creatively. As they are aware of their own history, culture and traditions, willing to welcome alternative views of the world. They expand their horizon and empower themselves to cope with and rise above every challenge. Students will make a difference when they are developed to be incisive thinkers, confident communicators, self-directed learners and well-balanced human beings. We feel gratified that since the establishment of the school, we have been producing gifted and promising students and commendable results. We have prepared our students to enjoy and excel both in the classroom and outside it, provided them the opportunity to chalk out their future with the help from inspiring, dedicated exceptional minds that possess decades of collecting teaching and counseling experiences. These are exemplified in their examinations, different activities they engage in, the ability to work individually and in team and their accomplishment. We hope that INSHA-ALLAH we will continue to attain the highest level of excellence with your support and cooperation.

Sayeeda Asad
Academic Directress

Our Faculty

TAFSAL has faculty members teaching courses in Mathematics, Economics, Accounting, Computer Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Urdu and General Paper. The faculty is drawn from two streams i.e. academic and practice. This blend of faculty ensures academic rigor as well as practical relevance in the design and delivery of courses at TAFSAL.

faculty 1

S.Ali Asher Naqvi


"To aim for the stars you need to make a rocket, since success never comes easily. It is surely a long process to acquire a good grade but if the students work hard, pay attention and cooperate with me then success is guaranteed."


Imran Zafar


"In A Level no one and nothing will help you unless you start helping yourself. No one is perfect unless one strives for perfection. Perfection in this subject will only come from acquiring more knowledge by asking more questions."

faculty 3

Danish Tabassum


"In an analytical subject such as Business Studies, what makes a student successful are good writing skills, reading habit and hard work. Students should keep practicing to meet the required criteria of the examiner to attain a good grade. A calm sea never makes a skilled sailor."

faculty 4

Asif Qureshi


"In Mathematics each and every problem requires a solution for which different skills to be enhanced. Students mustn’t give up until they learn how to overcome the problems, otherwise they will never be able to utilize their optimum potential to achieve an outstanding result."

faculty 5

Hussain Raza


"Time is constant but crucial factor when studying this subject. Time can be your best friend if you use it wisely. So practice time management, it increases efficiency because procrastination is a curse which stops your luck ridge that was to extent."

faculty 6

Liaquat Hashim


"Success in the long run comes through experience. With trial and error you gain experience. This is because your experience determines your failure or success in life. The world changes a little bit everyday and to understand the relevance of these changes proficiency in English Language is significant."

faculty 7

Javed Ali Afridi


"The path of success is the path of learning. A practical approach and desire to learn make a student star. Students are less likely to achieve since overconfidence and laziness are the hinders on the way of success."

faculty 8

Rohail Ahmed


"Accounting is all about how well a student can handle numbers whether it’s profit and loss or costing. It is impossible to get everything right at the first try so keep trying. The only thing that is common in all winners is that they keep trying. Keep practicing until you achieve the target."

faculty 9

Zafar Mehmood


"At this stage students should prepare themselves for the practical phase of life. This requires them to come out of their comfort zone by accepting more demanding challenges and to be proficient in a language other than English. Urdu as a culturally rich language will provide students a sense of individuality and creativity."

faculty 10

Qamar Hussain


"Physics is based on some fundamental theories that are the basis from which everything else develops. Every topic of the syllabus has one of the core theory involved. Therefore, it is advisable to understand"

faculty 11

Zaryab Hussain


"Like it or not you're living in it – this is the Digital Age. Computer programmes have all but infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Problems in science, engineering, health care and so many other areas can be solved by computers. Since this subject has a rigorous syllabus, students need to divide their time and energy so as to be able to grasp the concepts. "

faculty 12

Waseem Taj


"Mathematics is one of the lengthiest subjects of A Level. You cannot just read books and listen the lecture and attempt the paper. This subject requires immense practice beforehand in order to ace the exam which requires time management and skill to tackle the problems in order to get solutions."

faculty 13

Waqas khan


"Mathematics cannot be attempted and cleared with memorizing processes of solutions. It is much more important to actually understand the problem and focus on the logic that requires solving it. Such kind of practice will prove to be fruitful in future as compared to rote-learning."

"Children must be taught HOW TO THINK , not what to think." - Margaret Mead

How to apply at TAFSAL?

Students can apply both through online and by paying a visit to the College for admission. The Registration Form and Admission Form can be found in Downloads folder.

Admission Requirements

• The student must have a minimum C grade in the subject of choice.
• The student must have at least B grade in the English Language paper.
• All students must take three A level subjects and the optional AS General Paper.
• The student shall be permitted to take only one extra subject.
• We shall not permit a change of any subject after the final decision is made by the end of the September.

Admission Procedures

• Fill out the registration form available online or manually submit it to school.
• An interview schedule will be given after receiving the application.
• It is mandatory for parents / guardians to be present for the interview.
• The school reserves the right to reject the choice of the subject if the grade does not meet our requirements.
• The attested copy of the CIE O Level results must be submitted within four working days after the announcement of the results. This will be checked against the original O level certificate.

Subject Combination Offered at TAFSAL

The AS level Accounting helps the students to put their accounting information into practice in order to analyze problems, draw reasonable conclusions and to provide their recommendations. The syllabus contents include topics related to Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting.

Syllabus Overview


The AS Level Biology includes some fundamental concepts, their application and practical assessment. Practical skills require practical examinations to be held in a fully equipped lab which should meet the Cambridge standards. It is ideal for students who want to continue their career in Biology or related fields.

Syllabus Overview


The AS Level Business Studies allows the students to understand the basic nature of business and its role in society. The syllabus is carefully designed to cover all governmental, social, economical, financial, ethical and environmental issues related to business and techniques to handle and execute them.

Syllabus Overview


The AS Level Chemistry requires O Level foundation in the subject. Chemistry subject includes fundamental concepts, their application and practical assessment. Practical skills require practical examinations to be held in a fully equipped lab which should meet the Cambridge standards with enough supply of acids, apparatus and reagents.

Syllabus Overview


The syllabus includes some basic concepts such as scarcity, choice, factors of production, production possibility curves, positive and normative statements, demand and supply curves, market equilibrium and disequilibrium, nationalization and privatization, macro economy, aggregate demand, aggregate supply, types of policies, inflation etc.

Syllabus Overview


The subjects topics include information representation, communication and Internet technologies, hardware, software development, and relational database modeling. As the students progress, they use problem solving to develop computer-based solutions using algorithms and programming languages.

Syllabus Overview


The matter for General paper is derived from a variety of sources to test students cross curricular links and to help them broaden their understanding and usage of proper English to express their ideas and arguments along with their recommendation academically.

Syllabus Overview


The AS Level Mathematics requires O Level foundation in the subject. The students are required to take Pure Mathematics 1 as compulsory along with a choice from three courses (Pure Mathematics 2, Mechanics M1 and Probability and Statistics S1).

Syllabus Overview


The AS Level Physics requires O Level foundation in the subject. Physics subject includes fundamental concepts, their application and practical assessment. Practical skills require practical examinations to be held in a fully equipped lab which should meet the Cambridge standards.

Syllabus Overview


The AS Level Urdu requires O Level foundation in the subject. Students learn to use the language in different situations in order to express or understand. It also aids students to build a strong base for employment or study if they choose Urdu as a medium in future.

Syllabus Overview

URDU (9686) CIE

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"

Fees $ Scholarship

We have the best packages for the A-level program at TAFS so that no student faces any financial hurdle.

faculty 6
faculty 6

faculty 6

What Students have to Say About Us

"TAFSAL is that institute to which I was exposed to about 6 years ago.That’s when I realized what truly measures perfect quality of education. When it comes to talking about an institute, as per far thought I guess that the staff and management, the quality of education, the degree of success as well as the rules, regulations and policies are of immense recognition. Additionally, what counts is actually the school’s aims to render and the facilities it provides students with. Without an iota of doubt, TAFSAL has auspiciously fulfilled all that counts to be an ultimate institute. I’ve been pampered in this school since 6 th grade, having the most qualified and well-versed faculty members of town, who’ve been a constant helping hand to me since scratch. Besides the well-equipped education, TAFSAL also aided students widen up their mind by arranging curricular and extra-curricular activities such as declamation and elocution contests, cricket and football matches, and other sports events and activities too.Cheers to TAFSAL for turning education into sheer fun, elsewise it would’ve been vapid."

client 1 Usman Fawad Student

"You have come to the right place if you want to know what it is actually like to be a TAFCS student, indeed the truth of a school can only be told by a student. I am thrilled to share about my experiences, I will graduating in May 2017 from TAFCS. I would probably skip a fair number of things but I hope I hit the highlights. Through TAFCS I am blessed with innumerable guidelines and lessons. It has taught me the principles of life, it has carved my skills and enlarged my capacity of acquiring knowledge, has helped me to groom m creativity, has also enlightened with the techniques for upcoming competition and much more TAFCS management is enabled to establish zeal in their students by utmost hardships to secure the future of every candidate. I have noticed them being very responsible, humble and discipline. They have hired the top notch faculty so that their students could achieve results with flying colours. Another thing that I would appreciate about TAFCS is that along with the enchantment of worldly life they strict students to stick to their religious boundaries as well . Gaining someone's trust is extremely difficult but TAFCS have made me believed in them!"

client 4 Nashva Hussain Student

"Back to 2010 when I first interposed to TAFCS. These 6 years of my life taught me what truly measures perfection, quality and pre - eminence; covering the aspects of adequate learning and predominant staff. TAFCS is a platform that provides a unique blend of healthy education and learning for budding and sharp individuals; in precise for each and every pupil. TAFCS unwavering efforts to facilitate the students have resulted in almost 20 years of excellence and unprecedented success. TAFCS continues to surpass the expectations in its pledge to give students the education which defines true excellence that would not only assist them in their current studies but would help them to develop a whole new polished character that could conceitedly be exposed to the world This institute is an epitome of sterling standard of education, with top notch faculty of town under one roof and comfortable environment; promising a better tomorrow for each of its students.Kudos to the ultimate efforts of TAFCS in the past; yet much more awaits!"

client 7 Hafsa Fawad Student

"TAFCS is a place where milestones are achieved. It contains all the elements that are required to polish students and to give students a good future, therefore the best way to describe TAFCS would be to say that it is not just a college but a second home for students. Furthermore TAFCS promotes an idea of bringing change in to our society which differentiates TAFCS from other colleges, the best thing in TAFCS is that it provides students an ability to strive for greatness. In the end I will just say that writing few words for TAFS wasn’t a hard task to do because I can write a whole book on TAFCS"

client 6 Shajee Abbas Student

"I have had a wonderful experience here in TAFCS. The school has developed great leadership skills of the students, under Sir Hussain along with a caring and attentive support from staff of custodians, administration, security and an outstanding group of teachers. The school supports many extracurricular programs to expose children to different topics, through assemblies, after - school enrichment, activities, etc. The environment of the classroom is very peaceful, cool and relaxing with the advanced E - learning system. I am having a great experience at TAFCS."

client 5 Arham Khan Student

"TAFSAL is a place where milestones are achieved. It contains all the elements that are required to polish students and to give students a good future, therefore the best way to describe TAFSAL would be to say that it is not just a college but a second home for students. Furthermore TAFSAL promotes an idea of bringing change in to our society which differentiates TAFSAL from other colleges, the best thing in TAFSAL is that it provides students an ability to strive for greatness. In the end I will just say that writing few words for TAFSAL wasn’t a hard task to do because I can write a whole book on TAFSAL"

client 2 Osama Amir Student

"On the very first day at TAFCS, I was very much impressed by the school's premises. Everything looked attractive. I found the science and computer labs fully equipped with the latest state of art technology. Teachers are highly qualified and renowned teachers . Teachers are co - operative and friendly to assist us in seeking knowledge. The school's security system is highly impressive, trained guards fully armed with weapons were assigned in various parts of premises to ensure the safety of all students and the staff. I found TAFCS one of the best educational provider in all the ways - grooming of skills, leadership qualities, sports, air conditioned classes, renowned faculty members, co-operative staff members. I recommend TAFCS to each and every person who wishes to secure his/ her future and have great skills"

client 6 Faris-Bin-Waled Student

Societies & Activities

Societies are open to all. Students are encouraged to join any that they are interested in and to explore other opportunities.

project 1


Science Society

The Thinking Minds of TAFSAL.This society will incorporate the vast field of science and carry aspects from Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science. Special quizzes, research and competition projects will be undertaken.

project 2


Literary Society

The Legendary Minds of TAFSAL.Participation, planning and execution of events such as MUN, declamation, parliamentary debate, cross fire debate, and other public speaking competitions organized by different external entities.

project 3


Debating Society

The One Voice of TAFSAL.Essay writing events on special occasions such as Independence Day or World Day for Education.School newsletter , school yearbook and Poetry.

project 4


Sports Society

Sports activities, both internal and external competitions.The Sport & Society Knowledge Community: Exploring the cultural, political & economic relationships of sport to society through conferences, journals, & books.

project 5

On Stage

Dramatics Society

All angles within performing arts including acting and dancing will be highlighted from the platform of this society with guidance from professionals where possible

project 6


Photography Society

From photography to film making, the society will not only engage in event coverage and farewell show reel but will also organize an event such as the photo walk or film making competition.

project 7


Musical Society

Glee is all about singing. The official music band of TAFSAL will also function from this society.Everything is about music here.The Next Rock Stars from TAFSAL.

project 8


Welfare & Community Service Society

Diverse activities will be engaged in from this society e.g. internship at AKUH or SIUT, and community service at a TCF project. The Helping Hands of TAFSAL.

project 9

Prime Factor

Mathematics Society

Prime Factor will promote math quizzes and introduce events of knagaroo and Euclids.Sharpen the mathematical skills and love for the subject. The Geniuses of TAFSAL.

project 9


Scrabble Society

Enhance your vocabulary and be ready for the Pakistan Scrabble Championship.The Magical Words of TAFSAL.

project 9


English Spelling Society

Mnemonic will prepare teams for an internal and for the national spelling bee competitions.The Reformers of TAFSAL

  • project 2

    Literacy Society

  • project 3

    Debating Society

  • project 5

    Dramatics Society

  • project 6

    Photography Society

  • project 7

    Musical Society

  • project 8

    Welfare & Community Service Society

  • project 8

    English Spelling Society

  • project 9

    Mathematics Society

  • project 1

    Science Society

  • project 2

    Sports Society

  • project 8

    Scrabble Society

Advantages Of Taking A Level

• It has world-wide recognition so students do not have to struggle hard to get admission in foreign universities.
• The international recognition is there for a reason, which happens to be that the syllabi taught in A level are of an international standard.
• Freedom to choose any subject combination.
• A-level students are more likely to be taught critical thinking and essay writing skills due to in depth studies.
• If English isn’t your native tongue, studying A-levels is a fantastic way to develop your fluency in English to the level that will be required for entry into a British university. Immersed in English on a daily basis, both at college and socially, you’ll quickly pick up the nuances and subtleties of the English language.
• Students tend to study only 3 to 4 subjects. Hence, they are not likely to waste precious time with subjects they won’t need in future. Moreover, by focusing on a few subjects, they can actually perform well in them.
• A level gives us the flexibility of appearing for subjects privately, be it just one. This may be done if a particular subject is not available in one’s school or for other reasons.
• The exams are conducted twice each year.
• There are frequent changes made to the syllabi with regards to novel technological or scientific advancements.
• Satisfactory paper checking standard.

Advantages Of Studying At TAFSAL

• Custom built campus.
• Ultra Modern & Well Equipped Labs with present day science & I.T. Materials.
• Audio Visual aided Smart Class Rooms.
• High academic standards with a vast range of subjects.
• exclusively designed Curriculum for A Level.
• specialized A Level faculty.
• Counseling for placement in top national & international universities.
• Endowing co-curricular activities.
• Students Clubs, Societies, Youth parliament & Model United Nation.
• Indoor Games such as Table Tennis, Badminton, Squash, etc.
• Outdoor Sports Such as Basket Ball, Football, Volley ball & Cricket.
• Fully furnished Gymnasium.
• Campus under electronic surveillance.

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