Learn to Rise and Serve

Institution of choice for a level studies

Learn to Rise and Serve

Institution of choice for a level studies

Learn to Rise and Serve

Institution of choice for a level studies



TAFSAL offers generous, need based, merit and sports Scholarships. We have a purpose-built campus with CAIE registered science labs. Our faculty is reputable all over Karachi!

Platform to grow and excel

TAFSAL motivates students to develop their skills and tap their talents! Whether it’s sports, leadership, photography, debating, writing or art, we assist you to pursue your interests.

Working hard for university placements

TAFSONIANS learn to rise and serve. Because TAFSAL is committed to the future of its students, it offers them innumerable opportunities to explore various career pathways. We plan visits and invite universities; connecting you with top rated universities from all over the globe!

Conducive environment

TAFSAL has the perfect environment needed not only for acing your A Levels but also for achieving personal excellence. We promote a cordial relationship between the pupils, teachers and the management. It’s the place where your issues are acknowledged and your ideas are honoured. We inculcate values of helping, respecting and sharing with others; nurturing students into responsible and respectful citizens of tomorrow.

Chinese Program
SAT & BCAT classes
Debate & Leadership Coach
Internship Programs

About TAFS

We pride ourselves in a progressive approach to international education. Following the philosophy of the Cambridge International program in primary school as well in the final years of the school we embrace international mindedness and believe that.

What Students have to Say About Us

"A building with four walls and a tomorrow inside! A community of lifelong learners, responsible global citizens and champions of their own success. A community with high expectations and academic achievements. A tradition of learning, excellence and pride, all blended in one banner. A world of learners where students gain a passport to the world, creating an environment of lifelong learning, in an art infused environment. We work collaboratively in all aspects because every student matters and every moment counts"

Hafsa Fawad